Doo Rim comes back discover Kang Joo sleeping on Yi Hyun’s bed

Doo Rim comes back discover Kang Joo sleeping on Yi Hyun’s bed

She nudges your awake and you may claims this is simply not a resorts and they are harassing the person. Kang Joo blames their for their weakness just like the he was additional from day to night. Doo Rim kicks him aside so oppa can visit bed now. Kang Joo is actually walking out however, decides to turnaround and pick other battle. He asks if the he is to entitled the woman idiot otherwise rock, exactly what will likely be name the girl? Doo Rim retorts “ahjusshi, exactly what are your trying to do today!” Kang Joo states she need manners and you can they are brand new visitor that is leaving therefore she must walking him aside. Doo Rim can not get off a healthcare facility space empty thus “ahjusshi” should exit really. It shine at each most other such as for example enemy crows right after which Kang Joo storms out.

Kang Joo sits within his area and looks in the his ring and you can recalls applying it Doo Rim during the its personal marriage and you will vowing as along with her forever

Kang Joo comes home and passes Yi Kyung who is making. She asks in the event it childish payback video game are enjoyable? Doesn’t the guy be aware that their all flow was claimed so you can this lady mother? Kang Joo states the woman side are going to be okay having something as he or she is married so you can Yi Kyung now. She warns your you to the woman mommy isn’t holding Doo Rim now however if Kang Joo continues Doo Rim are typically in hazard and her mom wouldn’t assist some thing continue like this. Yi Kyung are caution Kang Joo to not cause problems that have their rashness, harm to someone. Kang Joo smirks in the “everyone” and cannot think he or she is element of it. The way he sees it, Yi Kyung isn’t considering such the next female of the home.

Kang Joo goes into the and his mother informs him one to tomorrow ‘s the press conference so you’re able to theoretically introduce Yi Kyung once the daughter-in-laws of the Taeyang Group. Kang Joo glares at the woman before-going to their place.

The 2 mothers and Yi Kyung is actually resting from the force appointment and everyone are awaiting Kang Joo to arrive. Assistant Kim tells Roo Mi you to Kang Joo try MIA and you will perhaps not picking right up their mobile. Roo Mi does not have any possibilities however, to help you declare into attained reporters that the news conference is rescheduled since Kang Joo got back a tiny accident toward his long ago that will be regarding hospital.

Kang Joo requires if this is because of Yi Hyun?

Chairman Ma instantly storms off the stage that have Yi Kyung after the. She informs the woman driver lackey to discharge the pictures today in order to most of the news present, advising Yi Kyung you to Kang Joo have announced conflict. Kang Joo is at the fresh new bistro and you may drags Doo Rim aside. The internet was overloaded that have news accounts away from Kang Joo which have a key wedding and being immoral inside the perhaps not proclaiming it. Kang Joo’s father is actually crazy and you may asks his mommy where the guy is? He asks his partner what happened anywhere between Kang Joo and you will Yi Kyung? His spouse claims the nothing can beat you to.

Kang Joo draws upwards away from family members substance and brings Doo Rim about car. He wants their commit into the with your now and you will let you know that which you so you’re able to their father. His father would be on the front side and you may enhance that which you, this is exactly their only opportunity. Their dad has actually always served them. Its is their past chance and you will last opportunity. Doo Rim can not go in. He knows Yi Hyun cares a lot on her, does she have the same manner on the him? er SingleSlavic legit Doo Rim does not answer. Kang Joo does not worry any further, he doesn’t proper care who she likes just like the they are staying their at the side of him.